Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

The Bakken Museum

The Bakken Museum

3537 Zenith Ave. S (off Lake Calhoun), Minneapolis, MN. 612-926-3878.
$7 adults, $5 students & senior, 3 and under free. Free parking. Stroller accessible, though easier in some areas than others. Restrooms available.

We visited the Bakken Museum last spring while using our first Museum Adventure Pass, which was available from Minneapolis-St. Paul area libraries for admission to several different museums. The Bakken was unique enough that I hadn’t heard of it before, but since I had a free pass, we gave it a try.

The Bakken is truly an electrifying place. Most of its exhibits are on the theme of electricity. Visitors can crank a wheel to make a spark, see how primitive batteries worked, and learn about magnetism and the history of electricity. A hands-on area (with capable guide) allowed the kids to be “charged up” and demonstrate how static electricity works.

The museum was very quiet when we were there, which allowed the kids to explore their favorites several times over. I had been afraid that it would be a “looking only” museum, but there were a nice number of hands-on activities the kids could try.

There is also a Frankenstein exhibit, but the posted warnings said it might not be suitable for young children, so we didn’t go in that area.

The Bakken was a nice surprise to find. I wish I would have planned ahead a little more so that we would have had time for a nice walk around Lake Calhoun, which is just across the street.

We’ll probably go back again when the kids are a little older, and when my husband can come as well, since I think he would be interested in a lot of things at the Bakken.

I really liked doing the electricity wheel.


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