Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Sod House on the Prairie

Sod House on the Prairie

12598 Magnolia Ave. (just off Hwy 14, one mile east of Sanborn corner), Sanborn, MN.  507-723-5138.
$4 per person; under 7 free.  Free parking.  Stroller accessible (gravel path).  Restrooms available. 

“Mom, we sure are learning a lot about Laura today.”  The Sod House on the Prairie was a natural extension of our trip to Walnut Grove.  We drove up the the farmsite, deposited our admission at the self-serve station by the house, and walked out on the prairie to see the sod houses.

Originally designed as a bed-and-breakfast, the Sod House is now an exhibit only.  On the prairie, the grass so tall I could just see over it, are a “soddy,” or sod house, a dugout, and a log cabin.  The thick walls and doors with “old-days” latches are a novelty for the kids; they also like seeing the old furnishings and notice that there isn’t TV, which makes for an interesting conversation about what pioneers did for entertainment.

The Sod House was a nice stop to let the kids run on the prairie paths and get a new perspective of how things were in another time.


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