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End-o-Line Railroad Park and Museum

End-o-Line Railroad Park and Museum

440 North Mill Street, Currie, MN.  507-763-3708.
Admission charged.  Free parking.  Some areas stroller accessible.  Restrooms available.

We visited the End-o-Line Railroad Park and Museum on a rainy August Sunday.  Looking for something interesting to do on the way back from a wedding, I stumbled upon the museum in a guidebook and we decided to go out of our way to see it. 

By the time we arrived, the rain was really pouring down, but that didn’t deter us from running into the gift shop, our raincoats keeping us half-dry, and the staff were cheery in deciding who got to show us around in the downpour.  Our guide took us first to see the caboose, where the kids were allowed to have a good look around, and we learned some things we hadn’t previously known about cabooses and their purpose on the railroad.

From the caboose, we dashed into a large display shed, where there was a narrow gauge engine and many railroad artifacts, including a station agent’s collection of tools through the years, down to the many types of lunchboxes he used.

Then, our guide running ahead and telling us the best places to step, we went into the depot, divided into the men’s and women’s sides, and saw the ticket office, and then to the HO model display of the museum and nearby Currie countryside.  For the kids to see not only real trains, but also models, at one museum was very exciting, and our guide was very obliging in running all of the models that were operational.

Due to the rain, we did not visit the park, which includes a school, church, general store, playground equipment, bike trail, and picnic area.  We’ll save that for another trip. 

The End-o-Line Railroad Park and Museum is one of Minnesota’s hidden gems.  If you’re ever in the Marshall or Lake Shetek areas, be sure to stop in and see it!

I liked it there even though it was raining.  I liked the model trains.  I liked it when we got to buy something.  We got to see lots of old trains.


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  Louise Gervais wrote @

We are happy that you cared enough to stop in the rain to tour the park. We welcome you back to the End-O-Line Railroad Park & Museum to finish the tour.

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