Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

St. Paul Skyways and Central Library

St. Paul Central Library

90 W. 4th, St. Paul, MN. 651-266-7000.
Free. Parking available in nearby ramps. Stroller accessible. Restrooms with changing tables. Cafe on-site.

After visiting the Minnesota Children’s Museum, we decided to go for a walk through the mostly-deserted skyways in downtown St. Paul to the Central Library. The kids and I had done this walk before, on a crowded weekday at noon, and it was much more enjoyable since I now knew the way and since the hallways were mostly empty. What would have been about a four-block walk outside was probably a mile through the skyways, but it was nice to be coatless and to see a different view of things.

The only drawback of the skyway system is that there is a trick to finding the elevators between the Wells Fargo World Trade Center and the Fifth Street Center. On the way to the library, we put the stroller on the escalator (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!) because we couldn’t find an elevator. On the way back, we finally figured it out–the trick is to use the elevator in Macy’s and go through Town Square rather than the Ecolab Center. We’ll add that to our bag of tricks for our next trip.

The Central Library’s children’s area is a haven. It’s very quiet and calm there, and has many toys as well as books for the kids to enjoy. Each of the kids settled right in and found an age-appropriate, quiet activity to do, and my husband and I enjoyed sitting down and watching them. We always enjoy visiting new libraries, and this is one of my favorites; it’s a very cozy place away from the busy streets outside.

I really liked going in the children’s area in the library and going in the skywalks.  I liked looking down on the street.


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