Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Back to the Bakken

With Grandma and Grandpa visiting, we had the opportunity for a 1:1 adult-child ratio on an adventure.  We gave the kids the choice (with G&G giving final approval) of Mill City Museum, the Minnesota History Center, or the Bakken Museum.  3 out of 4 chose the Bakken.  The fourth is two young to understand voting.  So back we went to the Bakken Museum in Minneapolis.  The kids and I enjoyed our return visit, and Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa got to see why we liked it so well.  When we asked the kids what their favorite part was, they said “everything.”  This time there was no volunteer to show them the “magic” of electricity and I wouldn’t let the kids do it on their own; this was a small disappointment for them.  (Dad, however, gave it a try and gave himself a nice shock.) 

We used the library’s museum adventure passes again for the trip, so our admission for the eight of us was only $10.

We found that Grandpa’s new GPS unit was perfect for the Bakken, which is located in a residential area of Minneapolis.  On our previous trip I had to do a lot of map-reading at stoplights, but this time the GPS took us right to it.  Guess what I might be shopping for to help me out on further adventures?


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