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Back to the Kirby Science Discovery Center

Kirby Science Discovery Center

Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science, 11th and Main, downtown Sioux Falls, SD.  877-WASHPAV.
$6.75 Adults, $5.65 Seniors, $4.60 children.  Parking available at ramp across street for a small fee.  Stroller accessible.  Restrooms with changing tables.  ASTC membership reciprocity.

We managed an overnight trip to Sioux Falls with the family when the kids had a long weekend from school, and to our delight, the Kirby Discovery Science Center, although usually closed on Mondays, was open because of the school holiday.  I had been there twice before with the kids, but my husband had been in meetings and wondered what I was raving about.  We just had to step inside before he figured out why we liked it so much.

I’ve written about the Kirby before, but in the past year they’ve added a new exhibit on the top floor.  Fit for Life is not only a great exhibit, but it’s a great way for kids (and adults) to run off energy without getting in trouble.  We went back and forth from the running race to the virtual soccer game to the dance contest to the wheelchair race to the climbing wall again and again.

Right outside that area was another exhibit area with a giant piano (remember the movie Big?), a toddler play area, and various artistic stations.

We spent over three hours at the Kirby Center, and we would have stayed longer if snow and darkness weren’t ahead of us for the trip home.  This is definitely a gem–it has as much to offer as museums in the Twin Cities but without the big crowds. 

I really liked the thing where you had to pull the string and the colored sticks go round and round and twist and I liked all the exercise things that they had there.

There used to be K’nex in one room but now they made a new exercise exhibit so they would get stronger doing more exercises.


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  Chris Rossing, KSDC Director wrote @

Thanks Minnemom for your great review! We try hard to make sure all of our guests have a great time learning through play with our interactive exhibits, giant screen films in the Wells Fargo CineDome and more. Be sure to stop by later this year when we unveil our newest interactive gallery, “Roll It! Rev It! The Physics of Motion” in late Fall 2008.

We look forward to your return visit. Have a great day!


Chris Rossing
Director, Kirby Science Discovery Center

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