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Spam Museum

Spam Museum

Just off I-90, Austin, MN. 800-LUV-SPAM.
Free admission. Free parking. Stroller accessible. Restrooms available.

Time for another admission: Before we visited the Spam Museum, I had never eaten Spam. (Not unless it was unknowingly hidden in something, that is.) I made fun of Spam. I wasn’t sure why people ate it. But I’d heard good things about the Spam Museum, and always being up for an outing, convinced my husband to make the drive to Austin on a winter afternoon.

I was impressed! The video shown was interesting and informative, the museum had a lot of Spam history and some great hands-on activities for the kids, and the gift shop contained more things Spam than I’d ever dreamed were possible. It was a fun place to visit, for both the kids and the adults. And the best part–it’s free!

So I dutifully ate a sample of Spam at the museum, and now I occasionally buy it for my family to eat. How many museums have introduced a new food into your life?

I wanted to go back to the Spam Museum on a return trip from Iowa, but it’s closed on Sundays in the winter. I was disappointed. I guess there’s another day trip in our future.

It has lots of cool Spam stuff and my most favorite is when the empty cans go on the conveyor belt.



  RootAnn wrote @

My husband will be so excited to hear about this museum. Now, I’ll have to see if it is near enough to our road trip path when heading up that way. Who would have guessed?

  minnemom wrote @

It’s a fun place if you can work it into a trip.

  Jonah Lisa wrote @

OMG! This is hysterical.

We ate spam growing up. In fact, the smell of fried spam makes me think instantly of my grandmother–something I discovered in college when a roommate of mine ate it regularly. I can’t say I am able to eat it anymore but just the fact that there’s a Spam Museum is somehow comforting.

An American Icon, I suppose!

We grew up going to the Mrs. Beard’s Bread Factory and though I don’t eat white bread anymore, I have awesome childhood memories of eating fresh mini loaves of it straight off the conveyer belt. Mmmm.

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