Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Stearns History Museum

Stearns History Museum

235 33rd Ave S, St. Cloud, MN.  866-253-8424.
$5 adults, $2 children, under 5 free, $12 family.  Free parking.  Stroller accessible.  Restrooms available.

Aside from parks and the mall play area, we haven’t found a lot to do with the kids when outings take us to the St. Cloud area.  (If you know of kid-friendly venues in St. Cloud, please leave a comment!)  We were pleased when a friend recommended the Stearns History Museum.  The museum itself is nice enough, although not hands-on for kids, but the part we enjoy is the children’s room, which has a puppet theater, old-fashioned school desks and slates, and other toys and books for children.  We’ve visited a few times, each time taking a quick look at the exhibit area and then ending with some imaginative play time in the children’s area.

There are also paths and gardens outside the museum, which can be enjoyed if you visit on a day with cooperative weather.

I really liked it.  It was really fun.


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