Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Twin City Model Railroad Museum

Twin City Model Railroad Museum

1021 Bandana Blvd E, St. Paul, MN. 651-647-9628.
Ages 5 and older $4, under 5 free. Free parking. Stroller accessible. Restrooms available.

With young train-lovers in the house, this is one of our perpetually-requested stops. The kids love going to watch the trains at Bandana Square. The exhibit is large and depicts much of the Twin Cities landscape from days past. We especially like visiting on the days when Thomas the Tank engine is running. You can check the website for the schedule.

When not watching the trains, there are train tables for the kids to play on and a train video playing, but the real attraction here is watching the trains. There are elevated areas around the track for kids to stand on and get a better view, and a few buttons they can push to run a part of the railroad themselves.

If you have kids who like trains, this is a great place to take them. Just be warned that you’ll probably be begged to go back again and again!

That place was very fun. It had a hundred million trains. My most favoritist thing was ringing the bell and when we got to watch the trains. The trains were very colorful and also was the setup.


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  john phillips wrote @

I vividly remember traveling by train to my grandparents in St Paul from Duluth. My grandfather had a great Lionel layout in his basement, I think this is where my love of trains started.
Don’t forget to check out Casey Jones’s engine at the Jackson St roundhouse!

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