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Shakopee, MN.  800-386-7433.
Various price structures available.  Pay parking.  Stroller accessible.  Restrooms available.  Concessions on-site. 

I’ll start off by admitting it:  we’re cheap.  We don’t like spending a lot of money on attractions.  So when we headed to Shakopee to visit Historic Murphy’s Landing, we didn’t even think about going to Valleyfair.

The kids, however, spotted the roller coasters, and we started thinking about the possibility of going to the amusement park.  So, not wanting to spend a ton of money, here’s what we did.

After Murphy’s Landing closed, we stopped down the street to fill our tummies at Burger King so we wouldn’t have to buy food in the park.  Then we headed to Valleyfair at 5 p.m. when they have special starlight admissions.  That way, we could spend four or five hours in the park, which would be long enough for our little ones, without paying full price.

Our kids are still young enough that they all enjoy the young-kid rides for the most part.  We spent a lot of time in the tot park, although the boys got brave enough to ride with their dad on the white roller coaster and the swings.  The train ride around the park was a hit with everyone, and we always love a carousel ride (although we found out too late that not all the rows of horses go up and down on the Valleyfair carousel).

We didn’t venture to the waterpark or the adjacent mini-golf area since time and money were limited.

With young kids, we thought this was a pretty good way to see Valleyfair.  The crowds died down a lot as the evening progressed, and we didn’t spend a lot of money on tickets or concessions by eating an early supper and then entering the park.

It was very fun.  It was like a whole roller coaster with lots of rides on it.  I liked it at night when the lights were on.

I really liked the foam factory.  It was really fun.  I liked it.


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