Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Walker Art Center

1750 Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN.  612-375-7600.
Walker Art Center:  $10 adults, $8 seniors 65+, $6 students/teens with ID, under 12 free.  Free Thursday evenings and first Saturday of each month.  Minneapolis Sculpture Garden:  Free.  Pay parking available.  Stroller accessible.  Restrooms available.  Restaurant on-site.

We went to the Walker Art Center on one of its free family days, and it was an interesting trip.  I had never been there before, and I found the building to be confusing.  (We ended up carrying the stroller up some stairs because we didn’t find the right ramps and/or elevators when we needed them.)  Of course, artistically, I suppose this is a good thing, but if you’re trying to find your way with young children, it’s a little frustrating.

The free activities were a hit with the kids.  Volunteers were on hand to help them make kites, and they had fun doing it.  The kids also liked the performance artists who were positioned throughout the museum, which really surprised me.  All in all, I think it was great to take the kids to the Walker Art Center just to give them another taste of art while they’re young, and doing it on a day when there were special activities for kids made it more enjoyable for them.

When we left the building, we walked across the street to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to see the cherry on a spoon.  Since this is depicted in a lot of children’s books about Minnesota, the kids were really excited to see it in person.

I liked the cherry on the spoon.  There were a lot of sculptures.


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