Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Easier said than done–Finding a motel room for a family of six

We’re contemplating a spring trip, possibly to St. Louis, but it’s not as easy as picking a location and having our choice of any motel. The problem is that once you have more than three (or sometimes two) children, motel rooms that will accommodate your family are pretty hard to find. I’m not a person who will lie about my family size in order to get us in somewhere; nor am I willing to split up my family into two separate rooms, so our choices are limited and I have to do my homework early.

On the Accommodations for Larger Families page of this site, I’ve listed a few places where we’ve found a room for our family of six. Today, while searching for a room online, I came across this article with some good pointers: Sneak ’em, Save ’em: Big Families and Motels. 7 Travel Tips for Large Families also offers some advice.

If you have a large family, how do you handle travel accommodations? I’d appreciate hearing any tips. Especially if you’ve found a room in St. Louis.


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