Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Getting Passports

We’ve thought about getting passports for the family for a while, 1) just in case we ever decide to go out of the country again (Canada’s not that far away), and 2) to establish an identification piece for the kids.  The cost had always stopped us.  The new Passport Cards, however, are not as expensive and allow land or sea travel to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  (The office reminded us that we wouldn’t be able to fly outside the country with the passport cards.  We assured them that we were not planning to fly with four young children anytime soon, especially out of the USA.)  We decided to take the plunge and packed up everyone to head to the County Recorder’s office to get our passports. 

I had used the Passport Application Wizard to fill out the paperwork online and had it printed and ready to take with us, along with the necessary documentation and enough blank checks to pay for the six passports.  Having the paperwork done saved us a lot of time, so while I went over everything with the clerk, my husband and the kids had their pictures taken.  In all, the process only took 30-45 minutes, which is a manageable amount of time with the kids in tow.

It also gave the kids a chance to see the rotunda of our historic county courthouse, and to see some old maps and documents that gave the history of our farmsite. 

While our adventures will still primarily be close to home, it’s kind of exciting to know that our passports are on their way.


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  BethAustinTexas wrote @

I am so glad I saw this! THANK YOU! I’ve been putting off the passport thing too but I need to get them for the whole family as my parents live in a southern border state and I want to be allowed to go to Mexico when visiting. Thanks again for sharing your blog on BBC!

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