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Is this an April Fool’s Joke?

April Fool’s Barn

Originally uploaded by minnemom

We haven’t been anywhere fun in a long time. There are a number of reasons for this, and most have to do with the weather. We’re accustomed to long winters here in Minnesota, but for some reason, this year has been particularly trying. After our Good Friday snow, I thought it was safe to finally wash the kids’ snowpants and put them away. I was wrong. On Monday morning, it started snowing again, and this is what we woke up to on April 1.

I am really looking forward to spring. Having room in the trunk again after removing the winter survival gear. Getting the kids buckled into their carseats without the concern of winter coats. Places that were closed for the winter opening up again. Being able to go to parks and other outdoor areas. Outings in the warmer months are just a lot more fun and easier on the mom, it seems.

Some people who’ve read about our adventures have sent me additional suggestions, and I’m eager to get out and see some new places.

If it ever stops snowing, that is.



  BookMama wrote @

Wow. Yuck!

Just out of curiosity, how DO you handle winter outerwear in the car seats? Personally, I just cram BB in with his coat on (without loosening the harness, of course) and LS wears a lighter fleece jacket with a blanket on.

  minnemom wrote @

I squeeze them in. The older kids have Lands End Squall coats and I can get them in their seats without loosening the harness. The youngest (now 2) wore a polar fleece sweatshirt for all but the very coldest days this year. We still carry her to the car when it’s snowy since she’s rear-facing and we don’t have an attached garage, and we throw a blanket over her if we need to.

We’ve tried the take-coats-off and-then put-them-on-backwards after-they’re-buckled but it takes forever to do that with four kids. Likewise the unzip-buckle-pullcoatout-rezip method.

On longer car trips we don’t wear coats in the car and then do the we’re-parked-close-enough-to-the-door (of restaurant, etc.) so-you-can-just-run-in-without-a-coat crazy-parent style.

Did I mention that I’m looking forward to spring? 😉

  Cassie wrote @

How funny! It was a toasty 88 degrees here today!

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