Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Mankato Public Library

Our local library has always been one of our favorite adventure stops. From story time to the summer reading program to finding fun new books and videos to check out, there’s always something interesting to do at the library.

We don’t limit our library visits to just our own library, however. If we have extra time in another town, we love to stop in and see the library.

Last weekend, we had some extra time in Mankato, so we stopped in at their downtown library. What a fun place for kids! They have computers for tiny kids, little kids, and big kids; lots of puzzles for toddlers to do; and stuffed animals and other quiet toys. After a while, I was able to pull the boys away from the computers to look for some books. My first-grader found some new chapter book series to try, and my 5-year-old loved the selection of kids’ nonfiction books.

The great thing about our library system is that we can check out books at any of the Traverse des Sioux member libraries with our home library card, and return them at our home library. This makes the out-of-town library trips even more fun because we can actually check out some of the interesting things we see on the shelves.

If you’re looking for a nice adventure that won’t cost a thing, check out a library!


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