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The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Gale Woods Farm

Gale Woods Farm

  • 7210 CR-110 W · Minnetrista, MN · 55364
  • 763/694-2001
  • Fees vary for different programs.
  • Restrooms with changing tables available.
  • Concessions available at certain times.


A listing on GoCityKids for “Spring into Farming” caught my attention, so the kids and I headed up to Minnetrista to check it out last Saturday.  What a great place to visit!  It reminded me of a modern-day version of the Oliver Kelley Farm.

Staff were on hand to greet us and explain the various things we could see and do after paying our admission.  First we headed into the craft room, where we each got to make a creation out of raw, but washed wool.  After that, we looked at the information in the hallway to help with the completion of our scavenger hunts, and then went to the kitchen area for a taste of French Toast, prepared with eggs, butter, and maple syrup made at the farm

Outdoors, there were pedal tractors and a beanbag toss for the kids to play with.  We went into the greenhouse, where the kids declined making their own salads from the lettuce that was growing, but eagerly planted some seeds.  From there, we caught the tractor-pulled wagon ride so that we could see more of the farm. 

After our ride was complete, we went into the barn area, where the boys were happy to hold baby chicks and the girls were brave enough to pet the little lambs.  We went out to the pasture to fly kites and looked at the calf on the way in.

All through the farm, there were volunteers and staff to guide us along.  Some were children, and others adults, but all made us feel welcome and did an excellent job of explaining their stations and inviting us to participate.

Throughout the farm, handwashing stations and hand sanitizer were available.  The restrooms were nice and included a changing station. 

As we collected our scavenger hunt prizes, I inquired about field trips and learned that they have an extensive program set up for various ages of children.

What a fun way to spend a morning!  Even though we live on a farm, the kids are always interested to learn more and see different things.  This was definitely a family-friendly stop.


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  Jo wrote @

I LOVE EVERYTHING about this program! It was amazing!

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