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Bongards Cow

Bongards Cow

Originally uploaded by minnemom

I always knew there was a cheese plant in Bongards, Minnesota, but driving 1/2 mile away from the town on Highway 212, I had never stopped to see the cow.

I convinced my husband to take the back roads into Bongards, and promised the kids we’d see something interesting along the way. I’m not sure they were impressed with the big cow. Perhaps I’ll have to drive them to New Salem, North Dakota, to see the cow there, and then we can compare.

We’re headed north on I-94 this weekend, and I think this time we’ll actually stop in Rothsay to see the Prairie Chicken. If we’re going to be traveling, we might as well enjoy the sights along the way!



  Jo Ann wrote @

I can’t find this town on a MN map, can you give more specific directions?
What a great blog!

  minnemom wrote @

Bongards is a few miles east of Norwood Young America, Minnesota, just south of Hwy. 212. There’s a church (dubbed the “Bongards Church” on its sign) on the corner. Bongards is about 1/2 mile south of the church.

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