Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

German Park, New Ulm, MN

German Park, New Ulm

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New Ulm’s German Park isn’t your typical playground park. Set downtown, it has formal gardens, a fountain, and a bandstand, as well as paved paths that meander throughout.

That isn’t why we go there, however. My kids love German Park, or, as they call it, “The Castle Park.” The play structure in the park is built to resemble a castle, complete with moat crossing. There are hidden areas and alcoves that inspire imagination. Is it a jail or a ticket booth? Is it a gift shop or toy store? Are you the king or the princess or the storekeeper or the jailkeeper or the inmate? Or just a kid who’s there to go down the slides?

Of all the parks we’ve been to, this one inspires the most creativity in the kids. It’s fun to watch the ideas they come up with. It’s not the biggest play structure around, and it doesn’t have any swings or merry-go-rounds, but it’s a favorite nonetheless.


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