Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

ECFE Vehicle Fair

New Ulm’s ECFE sponsors an annual vehicle fair in the parking lot behind Jefferson School.  A vehicle fair is when a variety of vehicles are on hand for kids to look at and often climb inside.  This goes beyond the usual police car and fire truck.  My kids’ favorites were the semi trailer that they could run in, seeing the UPS truck up close, the military vehicles, and race cars.  There were construction vehicles, including a crane, a tractor, and even a hearse at the vehicle fair.

There’s food available for purchase (which I always forget, so we’d eaten supper before we arrived), giveaways, and door prize drawings as well.

The police department and some community agencies sponsor a safety fair.  In the past, we’ve had our carseats checked there to be sure we were using the properly, and this year we had the kids and mom outfitted with new bicycle helmets that fit properly and were offered at a nicely discounted price.

The vehicle fair was a nice way to spend a spring evening.  My two-year-old was allowed to be free of the stroller and climbed on and in the vehicles with the best of them.  Pulling her out of the fire truck driver’s seat was the biggest challenge of the event.  Each of the kids had a favorite vehicle, and they liked testing them all out.


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