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Double A Baseball in Frisco, Texas

We recently went to our first minor league baseball game and it was a blast for everyone.  We saw the Frisco Rough Riders beat the San Antonio Missions at Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, Texas (a northern suburb of Dallas).  This was so much more fun and family-friendly than a major league baseball game.

Double A Baseball

For starters the scale is just more kid friendly.  The park is much smaller, old-fashioned and explorable. But the cost is also very reasonable.  The highest priced tickets in the park are $19, but you can sit in the outfield grass (which was very fun and still close enough to see the action) for $7 a pop.  For dinner we bought 2 drinks, 2 hotdogs, an individual pizza and ice cream in a plastic batters helmet all for $22.  

There are also lost of family friendly extras.  There are 2 bounce houses behind the second base section and a kids playground with picnic tables and multiple giant slides–plus it’s in the shade.  So if little kids get bored with the game there’s a place to go for a change of pace and to burn off some energy.

Play Area

Before the game you can meet the players and get autographs and every few innings they do some kind of audience participation thing.  Like after the third inning they chose a few kids from the crowd and had a sack race from home plate to first base.

There’s also a costumed mascot whose antics during the game can even keep a toddler interested.  My son called him “the big crazy chicken” but he is in fact a prairie dog named Deuce.  

I can’t recommend this adventure enough.  For ticket and scheduling info visit the Rough Rider’s website. Or to find the nearest double A ballpark in your area visit this site for a great list.  And don’t rule out Triple A baseball, which is probably just as fun and affordable.


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