Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Another trip to the Minnesota Children’s Museum

I’ve written about the Minnesota Children’s Museum before, and how it’s a really neat place but sometimes very crowded.

The week after Memorial Day, we hit the Children’s Museum trifecta.  1) My husband was able to get away, so we had a 2-to-1 child-to-adult ratio; 2) we didn’t arrive until 2 p.m., when most of the school groups were leaving, and 3) we visited on a weekday when most of the metro-area schools were still in session.

This meant that there were very few people in the museum, which is a lot more fun for the kids, and less stressful on the parents counting heads.

We started out at a paint-your-own face booth, where we ended up with one child with whiskers on his cheeks, one child with a vehicle upside down in water on his chin, and one with an interesting array of colors and shapes all over her face.

As always, the kids loved the block factory area and the bubble/water stations.  This time, we also got in on the new Run! Jump! Fly! exhibit, as well as the fairy tale area where my daughter loved trying on Cinderella’s glass slipper and riding in the pumpkin carriage.  The Rooftop Art Park was also open, with some nice nature and art activities for the kids, including an “Eye-Spy” hunt. 

The kids always enjoy the children’s museum.  All of the activities are kid-sized and hands-on and make learning fun.


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