Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Mall of America

I’m going to make a confession.  I don’t go to Mall of America to shop!  In fact, quite often when I go there the only money I spend is on food.  That was the case with our most recent trip to MOA

We first stopped at the mall to eat lunch.  If you’re eating food-court style with kids at Mall of America, I’ll give you a hint:  Choose the south food court, which overlooks the amusement park.  It will keep the young ones entertained watching the roller coasters, and it’s where McDonald’s is located.  We found a table along the railing, and the kids mindlessly (meaning quietly) ate their lunch while ooohing and aaahing at the rides.

After lunch, we walked through Legoland, and then wandered through the Nickelodeon Universe theme park.  Most of the rides are revamped and repainted from the park’s Camp Snoopy days, but it appears that they are adding some new rides as well.

When we got through the park, we headed to the transit station to ride downtown on the light rail train.  When we returned, we walked through the park again and saw the character meet-and-greet area, where a freakishly large Diego was greeting fans who were ushered one at a time to his fenced-in area.  My kids were scared to go anywhere near him.  So much for meet-and-greet excitement.

We headed back upstairs to eat supper at Famous Dave’s.  We did stop in a store or two on the way out. (The kids’ clothing stores are conveniently grouped near each other), and headed out into rush hour traffic that was surprisingly manageable heading south on Hwy. 77.

Someday I’ll have the luxury of going to Mall of America without children so I can do some actual shopping.

Read more of our adventures to Mall of America .

Mall of America


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