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A good old-fashioned parade

In the summer, it seems that one of the surrounding towns has a community celebration almost every weekend, and that usually means a parade on Sunday afternoon.  For free entertainment, it doesn’t get much better among the 2-8 crowd, because even our two-year-old knows that a parade means candy.

The kids know how and when to properly salute the flag as the color guard passes by, and then the fun begins.  Over the years we have learned that what we need for a parade is simple:  lawn chairs for Mom and Dad, hats and sunscreen, and two bags–one for the candy and one for the wrappers.

Fire trucks are always a big hit, as are the local high school marching bands.  It’s fun to watch the little girls wave at the local royalty and the boys’ eyes grow big as they see the latest combine models.  One of the highlights we saw this year was a tractor pulling a train of fifteen anhydrous tanks.  That’s not something you see every day, even in rural America.

A parade offers a chance to meet new people, see new things, and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun in a small town.  And did I mention candy?

Nicollet Parade tractors hitched together

Nicollet Parade fire trucks

Nicollet Parade anhydrous tanks 1

Nicollet Parade


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