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The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Photo Friday: Mt. Tom, Sibley State Park, MN

 View from Mt. Tom, Sibley State Park, MN

This is the view from “Mt. Tom” in Sibley State Park, west central Minnesota.  It’s a short hike up a path from the parking lot, and then up a few steps to the “tower,” to be able to see for miles and miles.  Even though the area was in near-drought conditions, the area was beautifully green from above.

The kids loved climbing the tower and trying to spot the resort where we’d be staying for the week.

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  Dominique wrote @

I haven’t been to this area of Minnesota.
I always love going up to overlooks like this and trying to find familiar landmarks.

  k.a.t.c. wrote @

I just drove through part of Minnesota yesterday and I was surprised at how beautiful the state is! This is the perfect picture for capturing how lush and green it is. Gorgeous!

  Debbie wrote @

Thanks so much for sharing this photo

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