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The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

Renaissance Festival on a Budget

How to go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with five people on a budget:

  1. Be sure three of the five are under age 6 so they’re free.
  2. Get a free child’s ticket for an older child at GoCityKids Steals & Deals.
  3. Buy one adult admission for $19.95.
  4. Eat a big breakfast/lunch before heading in.
  5. Warn kids that you won’t be paying for expensive food, trinkets, or activities.
  6. Be prepared for a constant line of “Why can’t we do that?” and “Why can’t I have that?” when you realize that nearly everything at the festival that is fun for kids costs $3-$5 per child, and that a bottle of water is $2.00 and soda is $3.50.
  7. Explain that there are several shows that are free.  Then feel like a thief if you don’t contribute when the performers “pass the hat” after the show.
  8. Finally find the Children’s Realm where the kids can make a wand or mask or have a balloon animal made and do a few other play things.  But wait, are you supposed to tip for those activities as well?
  9. Leave the festival with kids disappointed because they didn’t get to do much that was fun and you disenfranchised because you wonder what your admission price got you.
  10. Realize that the only way to take your family to the Renaissance Festival on a budget is if your budget for the day is $200.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

  • Off Highway 169, just south of MN 41, Shakopee, MN
  • 800-966-8215
  • Weekends and Labor Day, mid-August through September
  • Adults $19.95, ages 6-12 $10.95, seniors 65+ $17.95.  Discount tickets available; check website for details.
  • Stroller accessible, although terrain is rough through parking area.
  • Restrooms (“privies”/portapotties) available
  • Concessions available


  CanCan wrote @

Those thieves! I can’t stand being ripped off!

  Gette wrote @

I am with you on this one. The children’s realm was an awesome addition, and if you keep ’em busy with shows you can kill a lot of time, but we usually have to budget something for treats and eats. The parking lot is usually too far off for proper cooler diving. Unless you get there at sunrise.

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