Travels with Children

The adventures I embark upon with my four young children.

In our own backyard

There are days when we don’t have to go very far for excitement.

One morning in August, we were on our way to return books at the library when we came upon this spray ‘copter reloading.  It was in the middle of our road, so we had to stop and wait for it.  Boy, that’s tough for kids, to have to sit and watch a helicopter up close . . . and then take off from the truck.

Helicopter 1

Helicopter 2

We dropped off our books and headed to see Grandma, when we came upon this in front of her house.

Cherry Picker

To an adult, a mere annoyance, but to the kids, a lot of interest added to their day!

What interesting things have you seen in your own neighborhoods?



  Christina @ Cutest Kid Ever wrote @

My son TJ would’ve been in heaven if he’d gotten to watch a helicopter take off from a truck AND THEN see the men working on the power lines. Little boys seem to be inherently drawn to things like that!

  BookMama wrote @

We saw a blimp not too long ago! (It wasn’t the Goodyear blimp, it was a MetLife blimp.)

I saw it on the way home from work. It was quite low and travelling in our direction – essentially right over the main road that’s just 8 houses from our house – so I called Tim and told him to take the kids out to the front yard. They got a great view and were excited to tell me all about it when I got home a few minutes later.

  minnemom wrote @

A blimp is cool cool cool!

We saw a hot air balloon a block from our motel room window when we were in Iowa. The kids said, “Mom, we see a balloon!” and I was looking for one that a kid had lost. It was close enough that we could see the flames in the burner and it took off in front of us.

  Matthew wrote @

We have a large construction site nearby where they are grading the hilly land. There are probably 10 earth movers and they are enourmous. We drove by them today and my son said, “Daddy! They’re so…. pretty!”

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