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Photo Friday : Buffalo Ridge Windmills

On our latest trip to Iowa, we got up close to some of the many windmills on the Buffalo Ridge in southwest MInnesota.  The windmills go on for miles and miles, quiet giants waving their arms over the prairie.  The kids always are excited when we see a windmill on a drive, and to see so many was absolute excitement for them!

Buffalo Ridge windmills

Buffalo Ridge windmills

Buffalo Ridge windmills

Buffalo Ridge windmills

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  kat calvin wrote @

I just drove past these windmills (or some windmills) in Minnesota a few weeks ago! Sadly, we were driving too fast for my pictures to come out as clearly as yours…

  Dominique wrote @

I don’t see so many of these in the city, but they really do have a unique grace all their own.

  Daniel wrote @

Great view of clean energy in production. Thanks!

  Debbie wrote @

This brought back memories of the huge “windmill” farm that I passed each time I drove from college in LA to home in San Francisco. The drive, along I5 was pretty lonely, and those windmills were always a landmark letting me know that I was getting close to home.

Great photos!

  Jess wrote @

are these the ones on 35S? We just drove past those ones last night coming back from KC. The moon was full and it was gorgeous! We tried to get a picture too but…yeah going too fast! I could just sit and watch them for hours…they are kind of hypnotic.

  minnemom wrote @

These were north of I-90, between Marshall and Pipestone, MN. There are a lot just off I-35 in Iowa, though, too!

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